Book of the Month for August 2019


Chasing A Flawed Sun

Daniel McGhee

Did you know that reading is good for your health? When you read for only 6 minutes, it helps reduce stress by 60%, relieves muscle tension, slows your heartbeat and alters your state of mind. Believe it or not, reading has proven to be 600% more beneficial in reducing stress than playing video games, 300% more useful than actually going for a walk, 100% more than drinking a cup of tea and 68% more than listening to music. There are millions of books available and several have been written by local Authors.

Since we started the Harford County Living Show, we’ve had plenty of different local Authors on. We want everyone to be able enjoy the great books wriiten by them so we decided to feature a “Book of the Month” from a local Author. Reviews will be listed below as well as link for you to purchase their book.

This month we are proud to feature “Chasing A Flawed Sun” by Daniel McGhee

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