6 Ways To Be Kind To The Environment

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These days we are all aware that we need to play our part in taking care of the environment. There are so many ways to do this, and if we all just took one or two from the list and made a change, the benefits to our environment would be huge. There are also likely to be other benefits along with making a real difference to the environment if you make some of the changes suggested here. Please join us as we endeavor to make some positive changes, with our 6 ways to be kind to the environment.

1. Consider your carbon footprint

You can take the time to calculate your own carbon footprint, and in doing so, discover the ways that you can reduce it and be kinder to the environment. Answer honestly and you will be surprised by how much you can change.

2. Use Natural feed

Look to feed any livestock all-natural feed ingredients. Along with the benefits to your livestock in improving animal health and performance, their production methods are much safer and kinder to the environment than any synthetically created food.

3. Encourage those bees

Bees are such hard little workers, and great for creating natural harmony in the environment. They are vital pollinators to our gardens and crops, and you can play your part by offering them thriving habitats. You need to think about planting to attract bees, the colour schemes of your beds and perhaps even taking up a little backyard beekeeping.

4. Avoid using plastic

There are so many ways that you can avoid using plastic and adding needlessly to landfill sites. On a personal level, it is so easy to reuse bags, straws, cups, containers and more. You just need to take the time to think about it and the initiative to do something about it. Challenge any use of plastic that you see by shops and businesses and help them to think up alternatives for packaging.

5. Harness the elements

These days we spend a lot of time talking about how harmful the sun can be to us and taking steps to prevent sun damage, that we can overlook how hugely beneficial it is. Aside from the impact on our health and land, sunshine and wind can be harnessed effectively to provide environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional power sources. Take the time to research how you can switch to a natural energy supply.

6. Recycle whenever you can

Don’t just dump your trash, consider the ways that it could be effectively recycled. Trash often falls into two categories, those items that are genuinely trash but can be recycled efficiently, and then those things that are no longer of use to you but might well be to someone else. In the case of the latter, do look to pass items on, or perhaps sell or donate them. It’s always better to recycle products and put them back to good use again.

What will you do today to be kind to the environment?

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