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The Business and Restaurant Weekly Feature Changing

We’ve been featuring a Business of the Week since 2012 and we started featuring a Restaurant of the Week the first week of 2019. It’s because of our Sponsors and Advertisers that we are able to do this on the website, after all, we do have expenses to cover. Now it’s time for us to make some changes.

Before we talk about the changes, let’s list the reasons why we need to make changes:

  • Businesses don’t respond when called on
  • Businesses don’t link back to our website for being featured
  • Businesses outside of Harford County are interested
  • We need to focus more on our Partners

Now we’ll explain each one. Businesses don’t respond when called on. We call on several of the businesses that we feature and some of them don’t respond back. We understand that every business we feature won’t advertise with us or become a Sponsor, but if we are promoting your business, you should at least respond back to us and listen to what we have to say.

Businesses don’t link back to our website for being featured. Backlinks are a key factor when it comes to driving business to your website. We have always featured links to the businesses and restaurants that we feature and ask for the same thing in return. You would think that businesses would love to show that they’ve been named as the Harford County Living Business or Restaurant of the Week, and drive more traffic to their website and business, but believe it or not, some don’t.

Businesses outside of Harford County are interested. For years, businesses in Baltimore County, Baltimore City and Cecil County have contacted us about advertising and being featured, and we have turned them away because they’re not established her in Harford County. We have always focused on the businesses and restaurants here in Harford County, but due to the lack of support from some of them, we may need to make changes.

We need to focus more on our Partners. Since we added the different Sponsorship Levels, businesses have been taking advantage of them. Because of this, it makes sense to feature them even more.

For the next couple of weeks we will be going throughout our website and removing the website links and social media links of some of the businesses and restaurants that we have featured. We will only be doing this with the ones that have not responded to us, have not linked back to us, or are a current or past Partner. Stay tuned for the new ways that we will be promoting our Businesses, Restaurants, Nonprofits and Artist of the Week in the very near future.

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