The Brandon Tolson Foundation Wins #FreedomToHelpChallenge


Freedom Federal Credit Union is pleased to congratulate Susanne Forno, volunteer at The Brandon Tolson Foundation, for winning the #FreedomToHelpChallenge. The six-week social media contest called for entrants to post pictures celebrating Harford County volunteerism for a chance to win $500 and other weekly prizes for their Harford-based non-profit of choice. Each week individual volunteers and non-profit organizations posted pictures showcasing local volunteerism in an effort that reached all corners of the county. Weekly winners and the Grand Prize winner were chosen during public voting periods on Facebook.

“I knew helping the Brandon Tolson Foundation (BTF) win this challenge would help them spread the word about their foundation and their mission to help families who may lose a child to a sudden and tragic death,” says #FreedomToHelpChallenge winner, Susanne Forno. “I certainly don’t take credit for winning. The supporters of the Brandon Tolson Foundation are the clear winners. I hope that more people are aware of BTF thanks to the #Freedomtohelpchallenge and if they hear about a child’s untimely death, they let us know.”

The winning submission, posted by Susanne Forno, celebrates the volunteers of The Brandon Tolson Foundation. (Photo Credit: White Marsh Creative)

“Participating in Freedom Federal Credit Union’s #FreedomToHelpChallenge was a positive experience,” says Pam Long of The Brandon Tolson Foundation. “It was a lot of fun coordinating posts with Susanne, working to get the votes out and then seeing our numbers rise. It was a great way to promote our foundation and get “our tribe” involved. We really appreciate being included in this process and were thrilled to win. Brandon’s parents began this organization in the wake of his fatal accident on April 7, 2016. His parents realized there was a need to help families navigate their grief journey and all that it entails. We are continuing to do good things in Brandon’s honor and appreciate the support of Freedom Federal Credit Union.

Representatives of the Brandon Tolson Foundation were recently honored in a check presentation held at Freedom Federal Credit Union’s Park Avenue branch with the $500 grand prize.

Representatives of the Brandon Tolson Foundation were recently honored in a check presentation held at Freedom Federal Credit Union’s Park Avenue branch with the $500 grand prize. (Photo Credit: Jim Lockard Photography)

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About The Brandon Tolson Foundation

The Brandon Tolson Foundation (BTF) was established to provide support, both personal and financial, to families who have experienced the sudden and tragic loss of a child.  Born out of the loss of their son Brandon, the Foundation, led by Jon & Candi Tolson, is committed to helping other unprepared families through the indescribable pain and agonizing process of a child’s death.  BTF assists families with financial support (i.e. funeral expenses, lost wages, medical expenses, etc), fundraising efforts without fees to the family, therapists, support groups and more.  We are honoring Brandon’s legacy of “Don’t Waste Your Life” as we support families through all aspects of their grief journey. 

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