Spring Evening With Nine Acres Of Music

Artwork courtesy of Tracey Grumbach

Lyme Disease Can’t Stop Grumbach From Enjoying Bair and SSO Perform Shostakovich and More

It’s great to hear inspirational stories, especially when it’s about someone overcoming tough times. Combine that with someone that has helped inspire people through music for over forty years, and you have magic.

Sheldon Bair is the Founder and Music Director of the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra, and even though he’ll argue this point, he is an inspiration to many.

Tracey Grumbach is a Local Artist and believe it or not, Lyme Disease and words from a teacher in the past inspired her to create the wonderful artwork she creates. Rich Bennett and Lyle Garitty talk to both of them on this episode of Harford County Living.

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