3 Ways To Make Small-Scale Farming Easier


If you run a small farm, perhaps even just by yourself or with your spouse, you will no doubt always be on the lookout for ways to make it considerably easier to run. Over time, this is the kind of thing which you will develop and learn skills in which will help you to run it more effectively, but it is always good to get some pointers about how you can speed up this process too. It might be that you want to expand your farm quickly, or you might just be keen to try and make it work better in terms of its processes, so that it is less effort and more efficient. Whatever your goals, there are a few specific ways you might be able to make small-scale farming a little easier on yourself – and bring about the kind of results you want.

Upgrade Equipment

You will no doubt have noticed that it takes a lot of equipment just to be able to run a farm. If you are finding that you struggle with it ro you would just like to make everything a bit easier, then one of the first things to look into is whether you can upgrade this equipment, so that looking after your farm is going to be considerably easier and in particular cause you less strain and pain. Often, it is the case that buying a simple but effective tool or machine can make everything a lot easier, and you will wonder why you had not invested sooner. Depending on your circumstance, that could mean getting hold of a few telehandlers or even just a mini digger. As long as you have the equipment that is going to make things easy, you are on the right track.

Scale Down

If you are finding your small-scale farm hard to manage, then you have one option which is always available: scale down further. It might be that you started too keen, and now you are unsure if you can really carry on as you might hope to. Or maybe you don’t need the extra revenue that desperately and you could still easily get by with a smaller farm. Whatever the case, it’s worth considering doing what  you can to try and make your farm easier in this respect, and it is often better than doing too much and ending up simply causing yourself pain and struggle. Be prepared to scale down when you need to, without seeing it as a sign of defeat.

Hire An Extra Hand

From time to time – such as during an unusually proficient growing season – you might feel the need to have a little more help on board. When that time comes, your option is clear: you need to think about hiring an extra hand or two, even if it is just temporary. Of course, you will want to make sure that they know what they are doing – or you might want to think about hiring a local student who wants experience, in which case you could pay them a little less. In any case, it’s something you should consider if you feel you are struggling.

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