Do You Have A License For Your Dog?


Harford County Launches Online Dog License Applications and Renewals

Harford County residents can now apply for and renew dog licenses conveniently online. The new online feature saves time for pet owners who were previously required to visit the county administration building in Bel Air or mail forms to the Harford County Department of Inspections, Licenses & Permits. While these options will remain, the new online process makes it easier than ever before for dog owners to comply with the law.

Licenses are required in Harford County to ensure that all dogs in the community are vaccinated against rabies. Licenses also help to document pet ownership.

Whether applying for, or renewing a license, users of the online service follow a simple two-step process to register an account through the Harford County e-Permit Center on the county website at

Once the account is approved, dog owners then upload proof of rabies vaccination and pay for licenses through their account. License expiration dates will coincide with the vaccine expiration dates.

“With thousands of licensed dogs in Harford County, our new online feature will improve customer service and efficiency, which has been a goal of my administration,” County Executive Barry Glassman said. “Most importantly, it will safeguard our community and our four-legged friends.”

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