Are You Ready For Winter?


Beat The Winter Blues With Simple Harford DIY Projects

Winter is knocking on the door in Harford County, bringing with it not only the excitement of snow-filled festivities, but also a possible case of the winter blues. As many as 10 million Americans are believed to be affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD) every year, according to Psychology Today. While there are many ways to treat your SAD, including making changes to your diet and exercising more, getting your hands dirty and taking on a couple of simple home DIY projects could prove to be even more effective. The following home improvement projects are not only fun and easy to do, but also very rewarding,and will help you bust through your winter blues with ease.

Renovate an old dresser

We all have one: a grubby, dilapidated dresser that has great potential but has either been gathering dust in the attic for decades, or is being used as cheap storage in a dark corner of the home. Even if you don’t have such a dresser at home, you can pick one up for next to nothing at one of the countless thrift stores and second-hand furniture stores in the County. Before you start renovating, make sure you have the right equipment and know how to use it safely to avoid any unpleasant or painful incidents. Once you have gathered all your materials, you can proceed to sand, paint and varnish your dresser. Experiment with various painting colors and techniques, recreating a piece of furniture that is both attractive and functional.

Paint a wall

If you’re not looking forward to staring at the boring walls inside your home this winter, why not liven them up with a new coat of paint?Choose a bright, bold color, and create a contrast wall in your living room or kitchen. If you are daring enough, you can even experiment with painter’s tape and create a striking striped wall that’s sure to be the talk of the town.Contrary to popular belief, you can paint a wall without having to open every window and door in your home to let fresh air in. If you’re concerned about inhaling the paint fumes though, you can pick up a handy mask from Courtland Health and Hardware or Hodge’s, which will easily sort out your problem.

Decorate your home for Christmas

This is a fun DIY project that the entire family can get involved in. While it’s easy enough to run into your nearest Walmart and pick up a trolley-full of Christmas decorations, the festive season will become a lot more meaningful if you make your own. Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever before to find DIY tutorials to craft everything from a Christmas tree made out of wood and colorful wreaths, to personalized tree decorations, and even snow globes. You also don’t have to spend a fortune on buying crafting materials as, more often than not,everything you need is already in your home.

Even if you aren’t prone to bouts of winter blues when the cold weather rolls in, you and your entire family can benefit from engaging in some fun DIY projects. Not only will the cold season pass a lot faster, but you will also be left with a home more beautiful than ever before.

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