Choose Civility Harford County: Fall Activities and the GIFs That Keep On Giving


Choose Civility Harford County is growing with new online tools and fall activities to promote respect, empathy and tolerance countywide. Launched in June 2018, Choose Civility Harford County is part of a nationwide grassroots movement initiated locally by Harford County Public Library CEO Mary Hastler and Harford County Executive Barry Glassman. The local movement has expanded to include more than 40 alliance partners.

Choose Civility Harford County’s online presence now includes a redesigned website, making it easier for users to find upcoming activities and join the campaign as partnership organizations, sponsors and individual advocates. The website includes an online toolkit and a series of 6-second videos, or GIFs, each representing a principle of civility such as “speak kindly” or “acknowledge others.” Anyone can download the free GIFs and post them on social media as friendly reminders to choose civility.

With school back in session, Harford Community College is promoting civility on campus. Harford County Public Schools continues to share materials through the Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) program and will distribute materials during health class in all middle schools this year.

On the road, look for car magnets being placed on Harford County government and library vehicles; car magnets have also been made available to employees of both organizations.

For the public, free materials including car magnets, clings, and bookmarks are available at all branches of the Harford County Public Library.

Information about joining the campaign, access to the downloadable GIFs, and events planned this fall to promote kindness and inclusion are available on the website at

For more ways to participate, including suggested daily activities released in each month’s Random Acts of Civility Calendar, follow Choose Civility Harford County on Facebook. Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #ChooseCivilityHarford.

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