Maryland Counties Join Harford’s Request for Higher Court Review of Legal Issues in $45 Million Rubble Landfill Case


Harford County has asked the Maryland Court of Appeals to resolve key legal issues in a case involving the county’s denial of a rubble landfill on Gravel Hill Road proposed by Maryland Reclamation Associates (MRA). The case in circuit court resulted in a $45 million judgment against the county in April. MRA brought the current case after it had lost judgements in four prior attempts to reverse Harford County’s denial of the landfill nearly 30 years ago. The county’s denial was based on a failure to comply with the zoning code, which operates to protect public health, safety and general welfare.

Harford County’s petition to the Maryland Court of Appeals on August 31 seeks that higher court’s review of the circuit court’s monetary judgment, instead of review by the intermediate appellate court.

In support of Harford County’s petition, Montgomery County submitted an amicus brief to the Maryland Court of Appeals on September 17, joined by Prince George’s, Howard, Carroll and Cecil counties along with the municipalities of Westminster, Rockville and Gaithersburg. The Maryland Association of Counties and Maryland Municipal League also signed onto the brief in support of Harford County’s request for review.

Harford County’s petition and the related amicus brief are available online via the links below.


Amicus Curiae Brief In Support of Petition for Writ Certiorari

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