Perryville Non-Profit Updates Image to Put More Focus on its Mission of Helping Veterans




Formerly the Chesapeake Health Education Program, the CHEP acronym now means “Communities Helping and Empowering Patriots” to better reflect the organization’s work.


The Board of Directors of CHEP, a Perryville, Maryland based non-profit, has launched a rebranding campaign to more clearly identify its mission and beneficiaries; namely, providing housing and assistance for veterans in need.  The campaign includes a revamped logo, updated tagline, re-designed website, and new events all intended to build awareness about the 28-year old organization; increase revenue to expand and enhance programs; and foster new partnerships within the community.

Cathy Bennett, the CEO of CHEP, says, “CHEP is well known in the healthcare industry for providing top notch training and continuing education; but many are unaware that a portion of course fees has always been used to fund programs supporting former members of the military who are struggling financially or in other ways. The rebranding campaign was launched to bring more attention to that fact and broaden our network of partners and donors so that we can continue to fulfill our mission by giving transitioning veterans the life-saving services and support they need.”

CHEP helps veterans like Mike Conyers get back on their feet. After health problems caused him to lose his job, Conyers ended up homeless and in debt. CHEP gave him a place to live and helped coordinate benefits so he had a source of income. They also connected him with programs and classes to gain new job skills in order to begin a different career. He is pictured outside the CHEP housing complex for DC Vets where he is now the resident manager. Read more about Mike and other CHEP success stories here.

Established in 1990 as the Chesapeake Health Education Program, CHEP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides homeless veterans with transitional housing as well as support services such as counseling for those struggling with addictions; vocational training; financial management coaching and other life skills. The program goal is to return participants to independent living within the community. Services are funded in part by grants and philanthropic gifts; but primarily through the fees received for the seminars, accredited courses and conference planning that CHEP coordinates for the health services industry. See how CHEP’s services have helped some veterans on the organization’s ‘Success Stories’ web page.

Key components of the CHEP rebranding campaign include a revamped and more user-friendly website (; the first in a series of new fundraising events, the CHEP Inaugural Golf Outing coming in September; and a new logo. The logo features a heart comprised of two components–one side depicting a person with arms outstretched while the other is a rooftop over a saluting service member–alongside the updated acronym for CHEP, “Communities Helping and Empowering Patriots.”


Commenting on the logo design, CHEP Board President Susan Niewenhous explains, “The Board selected this image and wording because we felt the patriotic colors and symbolism of the elements would inspire hope while also representing the welcome and support CHEP offers for transitioning veterans.”


Cathy Bennett concurs, adding, “It’s challenging for a single logo to convey everything about an organization, but the new look as part of the entire rebranding campaign better identifies CHEP’s focus and more clearly communicates our goals; which ultimately will help us gain the financial support necessary to realize our vision and make all veterans feel valued and embraced by the community while getting the services they need to return to productive independence.  They served us, now it’s our turn to serve them.”

To learn more about CHEP, see upcoming classes and events, and donate to the cause, visit and follow the organization on its Facebook page.


About CHEP (

CHEP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that was founded in 1990 with the core mission of serving American veterans in need. The organization provides homeless veterans with transitional housing in Perryville, MD, Washington, DC and Charleston, SC; and offers support services including addictions rehabilitation; vocational training and more. Services are funded by grants and philanthropic gifts as well as through revenue generated by the educational programs and conference planning CHEP coordinates for the health services industry.

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