Are You Embarrassed By Your Fitness Training Skills? Here’s What To Do




Most of us want to lose some weight and stay fit, or just stay fit.


We try this diet and that diet, and this exercise routine and that exercise routine. Some of us try exercising at home or join a gym or even walk or cycle in the local park or neighborhood. But how many of us actually commit to it and make it an everyday part of our lifestyle?


Here are 5 types of training that can help you get fit or stay fit:

1: Zumba – We’ve all heard about it and some of us have even tried it. And you can even combine it with other forms of training to make it even more exciting. Want to try Ride and Zumba?

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2: Yoga –We know Yoga is great for stretching, meditating, gaining flexibility and core strength. In TRX-yoga, Suspension Trainers are used to hold yoga poses. Well, how about trying TRX-Yoga?

3: Pilates – We know that Pilates focus is on the core, but we can expect to gain strength in our arms and legs as well. But what if we incorporate the fundamentals of Pilates with weights, bands, balls, and TRX straps to gain strength, mobility, and improve our body posture?

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4: Functional Training – Some of us have tried this in a way. Think of it as Twister meets Just Dance. Spatial references are on the floor which allow us to train speed, agility, balance, strength, coordination and more physical modes. Use your own body weight with TRX Training so you can never outwork or outgrow your workout. Are we up for the PAVIGYM Functional Zone™ Challenge?

5: Virtual Cycling – Let’s face it, some of us don’t have bicycles, and those of us that do, don’t like cycling in bad weather or on busy streets. A few of us even have stationary bikes, but find it boring doing it at home. But what if we could ride in the Tour de France or Giro de Italia without actually going there?

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These 5 types of training and more can be possible at a place located in Abingdon. True Cycling Studio offers a complete approach to fitness in an upscale, intimate studio experience. Pedal to the beat of exhilarating music in their Cycling Theater; develop core strength, flexibility, and endurance in their Functional Zone room; experience a healthier lifestyle through mind and body connection; or discover your perfect outdoor riding position with the world’s most advanced bike fit system!


As a matter of fact, if you love cycling outside, but are having a hard time finding the right bike, True Cycling Studio can help. They have the GURU Fit System which is the most advanced bike system. It provides an infinite range of motion and real-time adjustment to help create the perfect ride for you.

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And here’s the best part, they are Family Friendly and even offer Family Fitness Programs. And did we mention that a membership is not required and there are no start-up fees? As a matter of fact, your first Intro session is FREE!


So contact True Cycling Studio today and either stay fit, or start getting fit. Call them at 443-512-TRUE (8783) or visit them at 3473 Merchant Blvd, Suite B in Abingdon in the Boulevard at Box Hill.


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