A Role Model at an Early Age



Madison Booker of Joppatowne High School
Photo courtesy of Geraldene Booker


Madison Booker of Joppatowne High School will have you standing


We hope that our kids look up to us and other certain people as role models, but it’s very hard today to consider some actors, professional sports players, musicians or other people as role models. Well, it seems as though one young lady is becoming a role model herself, in my honest opinion.


Last week at one of the Swim Meets held at Magnolia Middle School for Harford County Public Schools, a young Freshman from Joppatowne High School played our National Anthem on her flute before the competition started, which she participated in. Needless to say, no one was on their knees, they were all standing, with hats off and hands over their hearts.


Madison Booker, the Freshman from Joppatowne High School, has been playing instruments and sports for years. She’s also been active in the Girl Scouts, Joppa-Magnolia Leo Club and volunteering around the community. She is definitely a Role Model and I’m sure her parents, teachers and friends are very proud.


Watch the video below and let us know if you stood up and saluted or placed your hand over your heart as well.


Video courtesy of Geraldene Booker

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