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Halloween Display to Help Mabel’s Orphaned Angels Rescue


Briana Millar is crazy about Halloween. She’s been decorating her house for years now for other people to enjoy, and every year, she adds more to it. Briana told us “I have always had a love for Halloween, I’ve had a Halloween party (for my early November birthday) for as long as I can remember, each year I add more and more! I also get decorations as birthday gifts too which is cool to limit extra spending.”


It’s a good thing that her birthday is close to Halloween, because the presents come in handy. She added,  “Last year there was probably about $1,000 worth of decor. That doesn’t include the many things I’ve made over the years. Craft stores are my happy place. I’ve definitely spent a pretty penny this year also. I added lots more lights, a cool butler, scarecrow, some new inflatables-pumpkin reaper, Jack Skellington and the dragon. I typically look for yard sales all summer because you can also find a lot of neat finds there. I’m also all about 50% sales the days following holidays, it’s crazy to see the markup.”

Briana started setting up the display in early September, even though her neighbors think she may be a little insane because little by little it goes up, but everything is completed by October, both outside and inside. People can come see the display, located at 915 Pine Rd in Joppa, every night of the week. The display is usually lit up from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM and will remain up for about a week after Halloween.

This year she started fostering through Mabel’s Orphaned Angels Rescue; an organization based out of Calvert county but with fosters all over Maryland. Briana stated, “The girl who runs it, Lindsey, is awesome. She has been involved in rescue since she was 12 or 13 years old and upon turning 20 she decided to file the proper paperwork and start her own. She saw there was a need to take in more animals.” Mabel’s retrieves animals from kill shelters, does trapping and some TNR (Trap-neuter-return), helps re-home animals, etc. Briana has actually adopted two of the kittens she fostered and her golden retriever from the organization. Since the rescue is still less than a year old and the funding depends on the community donations she decided to dedicate her Halloween display to the animals of Mabel’s Orphaned Angels Rescue this year. The monetary donation box is right outside her front walk way! So, when you go by and visit this spooky, yet amazing display, please make a donation.

We asked Briana if she plans on doing a display for Christmas, to which she responded, “Yes, I go all out for Christmas as well. Maybe not quite as crazy as Halloween but I’m very much looking forward to it and I plan to keep the donation box for Mabel’s out for that holiday as well.”

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