Schuh Box Photography and Harford County Living Team Up!




Stephanie Schuh Becomes the Official Photographer for Harford County Living


Harford County Weather Watch contacted Rich Bennett of Harford County Living about a wonderful photographer. Christian from HCWW, told Rich that Stephanie Schuh was their dedicated photographer but they were shutting the website down and thought she would be perfect for Harford County Living.


Rich met with Stephanie after looking at some her photos and they decided to work together. Rich stated, “I was amazed at how she’s able to catch every little detail, but above all else, her photos tell a story, and when you look at her photos, you’ll understand what I mean.”


Each month, a new photo from Schuh Box Photography will be featured as the cover photo on the Facebook Page of Harford County Living. And in the near future, Harford County Living will feature a photo of the week on their website from Schuh Box Photogrpahy. If you would like to order any prints from the Facebook Page or website of Schuh Box Photograohy, just email Stephanie at [email protected].


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