New Online “Story Maps” Tell Unique Stories of Harford County Communities



In Harford County’s newest online “story map,” a young gardener sizes up the sunflowers at a community garden on Seneca Avenue in Havre de Grace.


Through vivid images and engaging text, Harford County’s new online “story maps” tell unique stories of Harford County’s vibrant communities.  Separate story maps feature community gardens, historic places, rare habitats, agriculturally preserved land, and more. Created in-house by the Harford County Department of Planning and Zoning, the maps are accessible on the county website and highlight some projects that are implementations of HarfordNEXT, the countywide master plan. Brief descriptions appear below.


Community Gardens in Harford County

The latest installment in the story map series is an appealing and informative look at the community gardens planted by citizens of all ages throughout Harford County. Community gardens provide an opportunity for people to come together, while encouraging outdoor physical activity, promoting a sense of place, and fostering environmental stewardship and conservation.


A Walking Tour of Historic Bel Air

Harford County has a long history of historic preservation and continues to make progress in protecting its cultural heritage. Saving irreplaceable historic and cultural resources is critical to Harford County’s future because it provides a physical link to the past, contributes to a sense of community, and offers continuity through the 21st century.


Preserving the Legacy of Agriculture

Farmland in Harford County is a cornerstone of strong communities and the county’s heritage. This story map shows how the diversification practices used by farmers are keeping this industry sustainable. Harford County has preserved over 50,000 acres of farmland, ensuring these traditions continue for generations to come.


Rare Habitats in Harford County

Harford County is rich in natural resources, from the rolling hills along Deer Creek to the flat shores of the Chesapeake Bay. As shown in this story map, the county has developed strategies to protect its rare environmental habitats.


Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is a planning tool that uses pathways of green spaces to protect and benefit communities and their wellbeing. This story map shows how Harford County is working with neighboring jurisdictions in the region to preserve our valuable natural ecosystems.


Celebrating Arbor Day in Harford County

The Arbor Day story map highlights Harford County’s commitment to planting and conserving trees by chronicling its Arbor Day celebrations throughout the years. Since 2003, Harford County has planted nearly 32,000 trees, reducing air pollution and improving the quality of life in the county.

“I am proud of our Department of Planning & Zoning for creating these imaginative and informative story maps,” County Executive Barry Glassman said. “I invite everyone to take a virtual tour and discover some of the people and places that make Harford County special.”


Find all of the above maps, and more to come, on the county website at To suggest an idea for a story map, please email [email protected].

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