Harford County Health Department Stresses the Importance of Yearly Mammograms




This year, approximately 5,250 Maryland women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 820 will die from the disease, making breast cancer the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in women.


One of the best tools available to reduce breast cancer deaths is the screening mammogram. However, only 62.7% of Maryland women ages 40 and older report having a mammogram within the past year. Women should know that there is a resource available in Harford County to help them take action against cancer and get screened.

Since 1992, the Maryland Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP) is designed to help women get breast cancer screening tests, follow-up tests and linking them to treatment if diagnosed. “Every woman is at risk for breast cancer even if she has no family history or other risk factors for the disease. And we can help women with and without health insurance get screened,” explains Harford County Health Department Cancer Prevention Director, Susan Twigg.


If a woman has insurance that will not pay for all of the breast cancer tests she needs or if she has no health insurance at all, she may be eligible for screening and other assistance through the Harford County Health Department Maryland Breast and Cervical Cancer Program. “We take care of the women in our program and help make appointments, help find transportation and even provide language interpretation if needed,” says Ms. Twigg.


If you or someone you know needs a mammogram, take action and call us at 410-612-1780.

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