Sept. 12 Workshop to Gather Public Input on Revitalization Plans for “Old Edgewood”



Planning a vibrant future for Edgewood continues with a public workshop set by the Harford County Office of Economic Development for Tuesday, September 12 from 6 – 8 p.m. at Edgewood Middle School, 2311 Willoughby Beach Road.  Attendees will hear a presentation and provide feedback on ideas focusing on the areas known as “Old Edgewood.” All stakeholders are welcome to attend.

The workshop is the second of two sessions for public input and feedback on Edgewood’s redevelopment as part of the Edgewood Small Area Study being conducted for Harford County by an independent consulting firm. The administration under County Executive Barry Glassman commissioned the study to assess existing resources, analyze market opportunities, and help drive revitalization efforts and job growth in the area.


To begin the workshop, representatives from the consulting firm Thomas Comitta Associates will give an overview presentation of potential land use and development in “Old Edgewood” based on community input from the July 18 session. Following the presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback at four stations focused on redevelopment prospects and potential plans in the “Old Edgewood” areas of Washington Court, Lee Court, the Edgewood Train Station, and Edgewood Plaza. Thomas Comitta Associates representatives will be available to gather input and answer questions at intervals throughout the evening as new participants arrive.


The Edgewood Small Area Study is an implementation of APG’s Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), which advances the partnership between the community and the installation through resource planning and cooperative land use. A federal program that assists communities impacted by planning for the nation’s defense will fund the Edgewood Small Area Study. The study will result in plans to improve the quality of life in the community that borders APG by redeveloping Edgewood in a way that is compatible with APG’s missions, enhances area business opportunities, and advances stakeholder goals.


“We continue to seek input from a variety of stakeholders for this project, which is significant for the revitalization of the Edgewood community,” Karen Holt, Harford County’s director of Economic Development, said. “The outcome will be a comprehensive assessment of the area’s market and a plan to attract investors interested in redeveloping the community, leading to job creation and career opportunities.”


Those who cannot attend the workshop may send comments to Jake Adler, project manager in the Harford County Office of Economic Development, at 410-638-3414 or [email protected].


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