Reaping Wonder from Everyday Reality


“The mind is not, I know, a highway, but a temple, and its doors should not be carelessly left open”, wrote Margaret Fuller, an American journalist and women’s rights activist. In her first book, “Summer on the Lakes, in 1843” Fuller examines the idea of 4 perspectives, Old Church, Good Sense, Self-Poise, and Free Hope. Free Hope, she writes, results from an attentiveness toward everyday life and our surroundings, from which a sense of wonder can be derived. Good Sense on the other hand, merely examines the surface level of things, without consideration given to the supernatural. Poetic observation, says Fuller, comes about when one practices critical thinking with a receptivity to wonder. Read on to learn more about how “We need only look on the miracle of every day, to sate ourselves with thought and admiration every day.”

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