Two Heart’s Desires


These past two days, my cousin and I have had our two heart’s desires granted. Yesterday while taking one of the many unplanned side roads just to see what we might see, I had hope to see a black-back woodpecker.

We had just visited a nature center minutes before and they had information pamphlets showing the woodpecker on the front. I told my cousin that is my heart desire. I want to see a black-backed woodpecker.  So, to our surprise there flying from tree to tree was my woodpecker. God had granted my heart desire right away.

This morning while talking about the many babies with mother birds, my cousin stated that she would love to see a loon with babies. This was another thing we had seen at the same nature center. Again, we took another unplanned ride down a road by the water edge.

As we got near the water, she spotted two small birds in the water. we could not make them out at first. The first thing I notice that their heads look like small loons. No sooner than I thought that, the parents came out of the water. No doubt about it, they were loons with their babies. My cousin got her heart’s desire.

God loves to give us the desires of the heart. When we allow Him in our lives, He is always ready to surprise us with grace and love. I thank the Lord for our two hearts desires.

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