The Merlin Blessing


Today we had many blessings. It was a good day to catch several birds that my cousin and I have not seen before.  But the coolest blessing was seeing this Merlin on the wire.

I often have to thank God for the little treats He send my way. I believe that when a good deed is done for someone else, God gives back the desire of the heart.

My cousins are always willing to do good deeds without a second thought. There was this couple that we had seen a couple of times while visiting the lighthouses. At the last place they had mention how they were unable to get water from the local store. Without a second thought Marge offer her one of our waters.

After the water was given, we headed off to go back to the hotel. This is when we came across the Merlin. I really believe God rewards when we give with out strings, just from our own heart.

The Merlin blessing was God’s way of saying, “Nice job.”

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