Leno Or Chipmunk Or Red Squirrel


Okay, it is time to vote. Today has been an excited days of firsts. We started the day going on a train ride. As we waited for our turns to get on the train, we decided to have breakfast. There sat Jay Leno with his film grew having breakfast. It turns out that he was riding the train before our filming for his new show. This was the highlight of the morning.

But wait a minute. While I was waiting to get more pictures of the trains, out popped a red squirrel. I do not know the last time I have got to see one must less get a picture of one. She was so cute. I could not keep my eyes or camera off her. This was the highlight of my morning.

Now, wait another minute. Before these two rare sightings, I watch a small chipmunk collect leaves and go down a hole to her nest. Time after time she would come out, head to the trees and with her mouth full of nesting materials  jump into the hole. This was the highlight of my day.

Now, you decide. What was really the most favorite highlight of my Day?

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