It Is The Little Things


It is the little things on the vacation that brings a smile to my face. As we enter the hotel and looked around, there in the bathroom sat this rubber ducky. it was so cute that we just have to laugh.

I love how they sometimes fold the toilet paper at the tip to add a special touch. The way they fan the wash clothes and the towels makes it so pretty, that I almost not want to touch it.

I forgot to take my elephant pillow I take with me to all my vacation off the bed before we stepped out for the day.The hotel that we stayed at before this one, took my elephant pillow and put it on the top of the bed as a nice surprise. It made me smile as we enter the room.

Even though I look forward to the great adventures that my cousin has planned for us, I also look for the little things. It is the little things that make me smile and make the day worth while.

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