Double Humming


Yesterday, my husband and I decided to visit the Eden Mill. The last time we were there we got to see several humming birds. So, we decided to see if we would see them again.

We were not disappointed. there were at least four flying around. Along with the humming birds were many American goldfinches, downy woodpeckers and hawks. A nuthatch made a showing along with many other small birds.

There were many hiking trails, so we decided to try one. One thing we did discover, Don and I need to get in better shape. But, we did have fun and plan on doing it every Sunday, weather permitting.

It was time to leave and we came across some more humming creatures. This time they were humming moths. I love them just as much as the humming birds.

It was a double humming sightings. It was a double blessings.

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