Are You Okay?: The Power of a Caring Question


When we intentionally slow ourselves down, we open ourselves up to a new world where calm has special powers and its magic is contagious. One day Aryae Coopersmith found himself rushing home, not noticing what was going on around him. He thought to himself, “‘This isn’t much fun! What if I just slow down? What if I can just be present and start noticing what’s going on around me?’ So I did that. I was about to cross the highway. Suddenly, I noticed that there was a teenage girl yelling and screaming and running. ‘What’s this about?’ I thought. She ran across the highway. Without any particular agenda, I walked across the highway to follow her and see what was going on.” Two large men were in the girl’s car, apparently trying to steal it. What Coopersmith did next was use calm actions to bring about positive changes, again and again. Find out how.

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