What Really Happen To The Wood Duck?


What really happen to the wood duck? This was the question that I often asked myself every time that I would go by the pond at the Super Eight. It had been quite a while since I have seen him around.

One story that was told me, that the owner of the motel set off firecrackers to chase the birds away, because he did not like the all the photographers always being around. Another story was, that the ducks moved to another pond further down the road. In any case, the wood duck was no where to be seen.

Today I learned of the fate of the famous fowl of the motel’s pond. While working at the Art Festival in Joppatowne, I met someone who works at the Super Eight. He told me what really happened.

While he was standing outside one day, he witnessed a red-tailed hawk swooped down and snatched the duck right out of the pond. The sounds of the duck squealing, is a sound he will never forget.

The lesson here for me is, to know the truth about any story, you have to go to the right source. This applies also to the many stories about the Bible. To know the real truth, I have to go to the source. The Bible.

With all the many sources out there claiming to be experts about the Word of God, it take me opening the Bible and allowing the true source, God, to show me what is real.

Today, I know now that I will never see the wood duck again. This makes me sad.

Today, I also find joy in my heart. When I take the time to read the Word of God, He put a song in my heart and this makes me happy.

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