Start Now, Start Small: Daily Ways to Build Resilience


Amy Cuddy of TED Talk fame and Bonnie St. John, who skied in the Olympics, are well known for their accomplishments, but they’ve also had setbacks. The most obvious — St. John’s leg amputation at age 5, and Cuddy’s traumatic brain injury as a teenager. However, they credit their success not to the lessons learned in dealing with major challenges, but rather the small ones. In this interview, we learn that “micro-resilience” and small tweaks can mean the difference between surviving, and thriving. According to St. John, “Micro-resilience is a lot of little things across a spectrum. There’s brain things, metabolism things, purpose-oriented things, anxiety.” Other areas for improvement can be your posture, relationship with fear, or mindset, adds Cuddy. Here, their stories and strategies for overcoming obstacles.

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