Joppatowne Lions & Leos Clubs Officers Installed



Lions and Leos join together for an evening of festivities!


The Joppatowne Lions Club decided to do something different this year for their Installation of Officers, they invited the Joppatowne Leos Club to join them and install their officers. They also decided to make a fun, casual event instead of the formal event that it had been for over 50 years. The President of the Joppatowne Lions Club, Rich Bennett, said, “We have to change with the times and break tradition sometimes. I’ve been in the Club for 20 years now and this has been the best Installation of Officers from what everyone here has said.”


The Joppatowne Leos are becoming a community-based club once the school year is over. They were formed by the Joppatowne Lions Club in 1995, but since that time, people can join between the ages of 12 and 18. Even though they will no longer be based in Joppatowne High School, they will still be doing projects at the school and throughout the community.


Past District Governor Larry Burton and Lion Pam Burton from the Darlington Lions Club were invited to install the new Officers for 2017 – 2018. The Joppatowne Leos Club Officers are:

Kaitlynne Jett – President

Hallie Moore – Vice President

Kadalena Housley – Secretary

Grace Bennett – Treasurer


The Joppatowne Lions Club Officers are:

Rich Bennett – President

Ed Decker – Vice President

Chris Decker – Secretary

Lyle Garitty – Treasurer & Membership

Tammy Ridgley – Tail Twister

Mike Donoghue – Lion Tamer

Maryann Forgan – Director

Howard Beares Jr. – Director

Ron Dermotta – Director


Lion Shawn Sharpeta also brought in a new member that was installed, Doug Bowman. Both Shawn and Doug have been active with the Joppatowne Leos Club at Joppatowne High School where they both teach.



They will also be holding their first PetFest on Sunday, June 11th at Copenhaver Park in Joppatowne from 9:00 AM to Noon. For more information on the Joppatowne Lions Club and Joppatowne Leos Club, visit

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