Glassman Administration Awards $1.5 Million to Nonprofits Promoting Harford County Tourism




County Executive Barry Glassman is pleased to announce that 29 local nonprofits will receive a total of $1.5 million in funding to plan and implement a variety of tourism related activities including historical, cultural, agricultural, heritage, and eco-tourism operations in fiscal year 2018. This is the third consecutive year of awards funded by the hotel lodging fee first implemented by the Glassman administration in March 2015. The competitive funding program spurs economic activity and promotes attractions enjoyed by visitors and Harford County citizens alike.


“I am committed to moving Harford County forward as a premier tourism destination and supporting opportunities that enhance our quality of life,” County Executive Barry Glassman said. “My administration’s competitive award process provides accountability for how funds are used while assisting nonprofits in sustaining and enhancing tourism-related programs and activities.  This funding also indirectly boosts local businesses, including restaurants and shops, when visitors come to Harford County.”


The 14-week competitive funding application process ran from January 23 to April 15, 2017, offering 501c3 and 501c6 organizations the opportunity to apply for funding. The Harford County Office of Economic Development held informational workshops in February and March to offer assistance in completing the application, to discuss projects and to answer questions from interested organizations. The workshops focused on three critical requirements that enhanced eligibility for an organization: good standing as a 501c3 or 501c6 with the state of Maryland; ability of the organization’s program or activity to draw visitors from outside the borders of Harford County; and ‘but for these funds,’ the program or activity could not be implemented or executed successfully. The Harford County Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) reviewed applications and made recommendations to the county executive for final approval.


“I would like to thank EDAB for reviewing all applications and making recommendations to serve the greatest number of recipients while focusing on each organization’s accountability and efforts toward sustainability,” County Executive Glassman said.


Funding recipients have received a notification letter from Mr. Glassman announcing their award amount. An award package from the Office of Economic Development will follow with guidelines for executing a Memorandum of Agreement, quarterly performance and budget reporting templates, and procedures for receiving funding. Once packet materials are fully executed, funds will be made available after the fiscal year begins on July 1, 2017.


Organizations receiving funds for FY 18 are listed below.


APG Centennial Celebration Association, Inc. (ACCA) – $40,000 for APG’s 100th anniversary, museum concept planning

Bel Air Downtown Alliance, Inc. – $45,000 for operations, continued market study implementation

Bel Air Recreation Committee, Inc. – $8,500 toward marketing efforts for Bel Air Arts Show

Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County, Maryland, Inc. – $37,500 for operations to expand Haunted Trail

Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy, Inc. – $15,000 for operations, marketing for Skipjack Martha Lewis

Darlington Apple Festival, Inc. – $25,000 for event operations

Friends of Jerusalem Mill, Inc. – $10,000 for operations and outreach

Harford County Chapter Izaak Walton League of America, Inc. – $4,000 for Bel Air Gun Show

Harford County Farm Fair, Inc – $45,000 for operations for expanded fair, anniversary year

Havre de Grace Alliance, Inc. – $38,000 for operations

Havre de Grace Arts Collective, Inc.  – $15,000 for operational support

Havre de Grace Decoy Museum, Inc. – $80,000 for operations and outreach

Highland Community Association, Inc. – $50,000 for operations and outreach

Maryland Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, Inc. – $50,000 for operations and outreach

Rockfield Foundation, Incorporated – $25,000 for operations and outreach

Soroptimist International of Havre de Grace, Inc. – $5,000 for Havre de Grace Arts Show

Steppingstone Museum Association, Inc.– $50,000 for operations and programs

Susquehanna Museum of Havre de Grace, Inc. – $35,000 for Lockhouse operations

Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra, Inc. – $25,000 for operations and outreach

Susquehannock Wildlife Society, Inc. – $55,000 for operations

The Friends of Concord Point Lighthouse, Incorporated – $18,000 for operations

The Harford Artists’ Association, Inc. – $4,000 for operations and outreach

The Harford Community College Foundation, Inc. – $35,000 for expanded event marketing of Arena

The Havre de Grace Maritime Museum, Inc. – $35,000 for operations

The Historical Society of Harford County, Inc. – $40,000 for operations

The Hosanna Community House, Incorporated – $45,000 for operations; anniversary year

The Liriodendron Foundation, Inc. –  $70,000 for operations and outreach

The Trustees of The Ladew Topiary Gardens, Inc. – $55,000 for operations and outreach

Visit Harford!, Inc.– $540,000 for operations and outreach

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