Eye To Eye


On our last trip back from Niagara Falls, we stopped off at the reptile garden in Pennsylvania. One of the room was filled with parakeets. There was a pair that could not stop interacting with each other. At one point they were eye to eye. It was as if they were trying understand each other thoughts.

Many times when I find myself eye to eye with a friend, family member or anyone who crosses my path, I look deep into their eyes trying to figure them out. It is not easy, since I can not read their mind. I have to rely on their body language or their words.

There are many people who I wish I could see again, love ones who have gone to be with the Lord, friends who have moves away and the many family members who just live too far away. I miss them all.

As I call it a night, the one comfort I go to bed with is, that one day we will all get to see eye to eye in heaven. Even better, we will get to see the eyes of Jesus. Nothing  else can bring more joy to my heart than that.

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