Dr. Toni Frohoff: Life Among Dolphins


Dr. Toni Frohoff, Ph.D., who has dedicated her life to studying marine mammal behavior and communication, argues that humans can learn a lot from the wild animals with whom we share the planet, particularly dolphins. Dolphins show a remarkable capacity for experiencing and expressing a range of emotions, and communicate with other members of the species in ways that often defy human capabilities and logic. Dr. Frohoff emphasizes that there are lessons to be gleaned not only from examining the species’ evolutionary history, but from how they conduct their lives. It requires a quieting of the mind, she argues, to learn from other animals, as well as from each other. The way we treat our planet, and the creatures who inhabit it, have far-reaching implications for our generation and many to come. “It underscores the need for awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings.”

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