Cicada Protein Drink


I have had my share of protein drinks, but this one takes the cake or I should say, this one take the cicada.

My husband and I have been visiting the Mill to try and get some good pictures of the orioles that has been flying around. It was a very hot day. I took two water bottles and filled them with ice and water.

While we were walking down the path, I would take a sip every few minutes. The sweat was pouring down my face, because it was so humid. I knew that I had to stay hydrated.The ices melted fast in the bottle.

With the water was almost gone, I notice that something was still floating around in the bottle. I knew it was not a ice cube. When I took the lid off, I saw in horror that is was some kind of bug. Worst that that, it was the carcase of a cicada.

The sign of old age is forgetfulness. I had forgotten earlier that I had put the shell in the bottle for safe keeping to show my grandson.

From this day forward, I will always look before I fill another water bottle. I do like protein drinks, but it is the powder kind, not the cicada kind.

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