Cardinal Secret.


When I put out the bird seeds and peanuts on the post at the Mariner, the birds fly in for the feast. The many birds that comes, tends to fight over the food. The cardinals seems to be the worst. Have you ever heard them hiss like a cat?

This cardinal seems to be telling the sparrow a secret. “The food is all mine,” and he proceeded to chase the sparrow away.

The battles continues until all the seeds are gone.

As kids, I remember fighting over who gets the last cookie. There were six of us and I always seemed to be the one who got chased away. As I got older and wiser, I found ways to get my share.

Than I had three children of my own. I solved the problem by color coding their plates, cups and bowls, so that there was very little fighting over where to sit and who got the last cookie.

We all have the cardinal secret to want it all. When we trust God to be our provider, we can learn to share the bounty that is put before us.

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