Harford Glen Environmental Center Celebrates New Bird Hide




Custom-made for viewing wildlife, sponsored by Bluegrass Materials Company


On March 30, 2017, the Harford Glen Environmental Education Center (Harford Glen) and the fifth grade students from Norrisville Elementary School celebrated the opening of Harford Glen’s new bird hide with an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

A hide is a building designed for viewing wildlife in its natural setting. Hides are located in national parks in many countries worldwide, but have not found their way to U.S. National Parks, yet.

Bluegrass Materials Company, a local aggregate producer, awarded Harford Glen with a $5,000 grant to make the bird hide possible. The grant covered the design of the custom bird hide; the site preparation; the off-site construction of the building in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; the delivery and placement of the building on site; and 14 pairs of 6.5×32 binoculars for use by students while in the Bird Hide.

Dave Thomey and Will Bullock from Bluegrass Materials were on hand to help cut the ribbon.


The bird hide at Harford Glen is handicapped accessible and focuses on viewing avian species. Its proximity to Winter’s Run allows not only feeder birds to be seen, but also waterfowl and raptors that fish for food in the local waterway. Students visiting Harford Glen will use this bird hide daily during their bird observation and identification class called Feeder Frenzy.

Harford County Councilman Chad Shrodes attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and presented Harford Glen with a proclamation from the entire Harford County Council recognizing the innovative idea of providing a bird hide to students in Harford County Public Schools.

Additionally, Mr. Shrodes awarded Outdoor Educator Amanda Koss a legislator citation from the Harford County Council for her hard work and extended effort in making the bird hide idea become a reality for the environmental education center.

Dr. Bob Werrlein, president of The Harford Bird Club, and many other members of The Harford Bird Club were on hand to celebrate the partnership between the local club and Harford Glen.

The Bird Hide will bring years of amazing bird sightings and memorable experiences to students who attend Harford Glen for outdoor field experiences.

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