A Titmouse Bite


Today, I enjoy the pleasure of walking around Harford Glen again. I sure do miss it when they are closed to the public during the winter months.

As I made my way to one of the picnic area, I notice someone holding onto a small bird. Amanda, who I came to find out was doing research on the birds here at the nature center. This titmouse was not enjoying the process and made his feelings known. He proceeded to keep biting her as she tried to make it easy for me to take a picture.

How often do we tend to bite the hand that is only trying to help us. We are so short-sighted and lashed out when we should be accepting the help and love.

Today, I am reminded to accept the love of my family, friends and most of all God. I do not want to act like this precious titmouse and bite the hands of those who just want to be there for me.

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