Luc and the Lovingtons: Music as a Force of Love


At 6-years-old Luc Reynaud announced to his teacher that he was going to paint the moon. “And what about the Earth, Luc? What about the universe?” Luc felt an electric surge of energy through his body, as his teacher picked up a huge bolt of construction paper and unfurled it across the classroom floor. For the next few weeks, Luc — along with his friends — painted the universe. It was a heady first taste of what it felt like to dream a big dream, hold a shared vision, and color it in with community. Years later in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina he showed up at an emergency shelter to volunteer. He didn’t realize then that the guitar he had brought with him would be an essential part of the service he rendered — and that it would take him on journey that included founding a band, being contacted by Emmy-award-winner Jason Mraz, and singing to communities of people facing adversity all over the world in refugee camps, prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters and more. A journey in which he would once again “paint the universe” — only this time with music, and the power of love.

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