Liz Mitten Ryan: One With The Herd


In 1999 Liz Mitten Ryan, award-winning artist, mother of six and founder of a successful fine art publishing company in Vancouver, moved with her architect husband, and a herd of eleven horses, to Gateway 2 Ranch — a 320-acre slice of paradise nestled in the grasslands of British Columbia. For over a decade now, Liz has facilitated “Equinisity Retreats” on this magnificent land. Coined by her husband Kevin, the word ‘equinisity’ means “the gift of finding the unexpected and truly meaningful perspective through the clear and almost 360 degree vision of the equine.” People from all over the world come to these retreats, which run from April through November of each year. They are exposed to Liz’s way of working with the horses, an approach that depends not on pressure and punishment, but on the far more subtle, and stunningly effective powers of invitation, intention and focus. These unique healing retreats also offer opportunities for individuals and the horses and other animals to interact in unstructured, spontaneous ways, often times with extraordinary results. Read more about Liz’s journey and watch the trailer of “Herd” an award-winning film on her work.

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