Harford County Launches Watershed Explorer Application to Promote Healthy Streams




Harford County government is pleased to announce a new online tool to promote awareness of the connection between local watersheds, the health of local streams, and the Chesapeake Bay.  Created by the Department of Public Works’ Watershed Protection & Restoration Office, the “Harford County Watershed Explorer” is an online mapping application allowing users to identify the watershed for any location in Harford County. Citizens can explore the map by pointing and clicking to get watershed information anywhere in the county, or they can enter an address to identify the watershed for a specific location.


“Harford County citizens play an important role in protecting the health of our local streams,” said County Executive Barry Glassman. “By providing information about local watersheds, we hope to encourage good stewardship of these precious natural resources.”


Each time it rains, everything on the ground becomes part of the storm water runoff entering into our local streams.  Some things we may leave on the ground which impact stream health include pet waste, fertilizer left on sidewalks, litter, and fluids leaked from cars.  Citizens can help improve the health of local streams by planting trees, leaving lawn clippings in place, and by composting or dropping off yard waste at one of Harford County’s yard trim drop-off sites.  Citizens can also recycle household hazardous waste or replace household items with eco-friendly alternatives. For more information about these options for citizens and programs for businesses in Harford County, please visit: http://www.harfordcountymd.gov/166/Environmental-Services.


More information about Harford streams and access to the Harford County Watershed Explorer is available on the county website at www.harfordcountymd.gov/harfordstreams.

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