Even The Sparrow Knows


The sparrow in this picture knows that when I come around, I will leave some food on the post for him. He is not afraid of me. I need to be like him and not be afraid of God’s plans for me.

There is this song I love to listen too when I am feeling overwhelmed. It is by Jason Gray, called “Sparrows.”

This one line causes my heart to stay still for just a moment, “Oh even the sparrow knows He holds tomorrow.”

I tend to forget that my life is in the hands of a loving God. He knows me inside and out. When I am in a low spot in my life, like the sparrow, I need to know, “If He hold the world He can hold this moment.”

With each shot of the camera of the many sparrows that crosses my path, I cannot help but hear this song going through my mind. It gives me hope in a world that seems to be falling apart.

Even this sparrow knows where his helps comes from. I thank God for the sparrows.

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