Dove’s Love Dance


Well, this was a first for me. I do not usually look to take pictures of doves. But, this pair seemed to be doing some kind of dance. For several minutes they would stick their beaks into each other mouth. It was like they were french kissing.

They would groom each other, rub against each other and just seemed to enjoy the dance. What I was not expecting at all, was the dove on the right getting on the back of the other dove. It turned out to be a mating ritual that these dove were doing. It was a dove’s love dance.

It was kind of cool to watch. Not that I enjoy animal porn. I just enjoy how nature works. It is how God designs his creatures to interact and continue the species.

It was apparent that these doves love to dance with each other. I look forward to seeing some little doves in the future.

The acted of the dove’s love dance.

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