Turkey Stop


Today, I was going to beat my son recorded steps on his Fitbit. This would require me to walk around the Mariner four times.  But, there was a problem. As I enter into the park, I noticed a man taking pictures of something in the trees.

I made a pass by and could not see exactly what it was he was shooting. Then, he was using his phone to record something moving on the ground. I had to ask. “What are you recording?”

He pointed to the trees, “The turkeys.”

I turned around, parked my car and got my camera. For the next hour I spent playing with four turkeys instead of doing my four rounds through the park.

The turkey stopped me from my goal of beating my son record. Yet, they helped me add to my goal of recording 113 different birds in the Mariner. I am now at 102.

Today, I was glad for the turkey stop.

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