Three Parks


From the phone call last night, I found out that I did not have to report for jury duty. This made me quite happy, because I had the whole day to spent checking out parks. My husband came along for the ride.

First, we went to Swan Harbor Farm in hopes of finding the meadow lark that others have been posting on the MD’s birding site. No luck. Did see a few eastern blue bird, sparrows and Canada geese.

Next, we went to the Susquehanna Sate Park. Geese, ducks and this cute little guy was all we saw there.

The third place we went was, Marshy Point Nature Center. I love this place. Yet, once again we stuck out. There just did not seemed to be life out there. Just some chickadees, sparrows and the sounds of hawks.

I could say that it was a disappointing day. But, the truth is, it was a great day. I was not in any kind of rush. The morning started with breakfast with two good friends and than spending the time with my husband on a beautiful sunny day.

Three parks and spending time with three great people, what more could I ask for?

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