The Turkey Round Up


Today, as I made my way into the Mariner, I noticed that there was an animal control van parked by the curb. I wonder what in the world would they be after. Before I could park, I could see that it was a turkey. The turkey round up was on.

It turned out that this one was the last surviving turkey out of the four that were released into the parks several weeks ago. They have been dying off one by one. The third one wad found dead last night.

The animal control was there to catch this turkey to save her life. One she was caught, she would be taken to the Humane Society to be nurse to health and then giving to new home where she can thrive.

I will miss seeing them. The park was not a place for them, since they were too tames. This was why the local foxes were able to catch at least one, to my knowledge. It does do my heart good to know that this last one has a fighting chance to live a long life.

The turkey round up was fun to watch. Now she is safe and can move on to better pasture.

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