Keeping Warm


The past two days it has been colder than usual in the morning. So, this morning I checked the thermostat. There was a problem. It was not showing any temperature. It was than I realized that it was not working at all.

 I got my grandson off to school, took my morning walk and came home. I called the oil company to see if they could come out to fix the furnace. In the mean time, I took out my heaters and placed them around the room to stay warm.

Apparently my cat was just as cold as me. He came out of hiding to sit in front of the heater to stay warm. Keeping warm was the theme of the day for both of us.

Now, here come the shocker. It turns out that all that was wrong with the furnace was that the thermostat just needed new batteries. Who would have thought.

Now that everything is back to normal, the cat and I are enjoying keeping warm.

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