The other day, my husband took the day off from work. It was a beautiful morning and we decide to grab our cameras and head to the Mariner. Never in the four years that I have been keeping track of the birds at the park have I ever seen so any hawks in one place.

We started the hawk sighting with this red-tailed hawk sitting in a tree just outside the park. I got out of the car to try and get a better shot, he flew into the Mariner right on the parking lot. I jumped into the car and follow him. Slowly, I inched my way toward him, snapping all the way until he flew away.

But this was only the beginning. When we parked the car and got out, we looked up to see two red-shoulder hawks flying above us. There was a fly by of a northern harrier and a cooper soaring around the other hawks.

Add a pair of bald eagles along with three juveniles and we could not have been more happier to make this trip. It was a great day for hawking. My favorite though is this juvenile red-tailed.

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