Harford County Employee Cindy Lykens Recognized for Saving Taxpayers $32K



Pictured from left are Harford County officials County Attorney Melissa Lambert, Cindy Lykens, County Executive Barry Glassman, and Director of Administration Billy Boniface


County Executive Barry Glassman is proud to recognize Harford County government employee Cindy Lykens, who recently demonstrated outstanding stewardship of taxpayer funds that resulted in cost savings of $32,000 and prevented future overcharges by a third-party contractor.


In her capacity as a legal specialist in the county Law Department, Cindy believed she had found an error in the fees charged to the county by a contractor for processing workers’ compensation claims. The error involved an incorrect basis being used to determine the fees, which were calculated as a percentage of the cost savings achieved by the third-party contractor.  After conducting extensive research that was above and beyond her duties, Cindy verified the error and brought it to the attention of County Attorney Melissa Lambert. An official from the Law Department then approached the contractor, who acknowledged the error and reimbursed the county for the overcharges totaling $32,000 over the prior year and corrected their calculations moving forward.


On January 30, Cindy Lykens received a Harford County ALL-STAR employee award given to employees who exemplify the core values of the Glassman administration.


Recognizing Cindy as a valued county employee, County Executive Glassman said, “I would like to thank Cindy for keeping a sharp eye on expenses and for coming forward with her findings.  Her attention to detail, diligence, and good stewardship are a true service to county taxpayers.”

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