Free Harford County Program for Employers to Help Employees “Commute Smart”




The Office of Economic Development under County Executive Barry Glassman is proud to introduce a new service to help employees “commute smart” to work in Harford County. This free program offers companies and other organizations on-site presentations to their employees, providing commuter options that can save time and money, reduce traffic, and, in some cases, improve employee health. Tax benefits for employers are also available.


“One person per car is not the only option for employees to get to work in Harford County,” said Alan Doran, the county rideshare coordinator for Harford Commute Smart, an extension of Economic Development. “We can offer many alternatives that will benefit employees and help employers attract and retain good workers.”


The following topics will be discussed:


Carpooling & Vanpooling

Harford Commute Smart makes it easy for people to share a ride, with ride-matching software that compiles and creates a zip code analysis map for each employee showing other employees’ locations.  Vanpools turn employees’ commuting time into productive time.  They can read, catch up on work, or just relax and get to know their fellow commuters.


Guaranteed Ride Home 

Commuters who regularly carpool, vanpool, bike, walk, or take transit to work at least twice a week can qualify for the program, which provides a free and reliable ride home up to four times per year to accommodate work schedule changes.


Mass Transit Options  

Transit can be more convenient and less expensive than driving, even for infrequent trips. All of the information needed to plan a trip to work via mass transit will be provided.


Employer Tax Benefits

Rideshare commuting options are becoming an important part of many employee benefit plans, and such programs are eligible for federal tax deductions.


Cycling Information  

The average commuter in Harford County travels 20 miles round-trip to work.  People who exercise are more productive at work, have 25% fewer colds, and live a much longer and healthier life than those who are less active.


“Given the potential benefits, I encourage Harford County employers to learn more by hosting a free presentation,” said County Executive Barry Glassman. “Helping Harford County ‘commute smart’ is good for employees and the environment, and it’s good for business.”


To learn more, or schedule a visit, contact Rideshare Coordinator Alan Doran at [email protected] or 1-800-924-8646.

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