County Executive Glassman Orders Day of Remembrance, Harford Flags Lowered Feb. 10 for Fallen Deputies Dailey and Logsdon




County Executive Barry Glassman has declared a Day of Remembrance and ordered Harford County flags to fly at half-staff on Friday, February 10 for fallen heroes Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey and Deputy First Class Mark Logsdon. Marking one year to the day since both deputies were murdered in the line of duty, the county will observe a moment of silence at noon as the county’s emergency sirens are activated in their honor. The county’s administrative office building in Bel Air will also be illuminated with blue lights throughout the week in support of the slain deputies and all law enforcement. At the county executive’s request Gov. Larry Hogan co-signed the official declaration, which reads as follows:


“Commemorating and honoring our fallen officers for their integrity and dedicated selfless efforts, who by their faithful and loyal devotion to public safety provided for the rights and security of all citizens in the community they served;


Establishing February 10th as a Day of Remembrance, calling upon citizens to observe a moment of silence at 12 noon, at which time the Harford County Emergency Services System will be activated, in memory of Deputy First Class Mark Logsdon & Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey, I, Barry Glassman, County Executive of Harford County, Maryland, do hereby proclaim February 10th Harford County Day of Remembrance.”


Elaborating on comments in his State of the County Address, County Executive Glassman said, “February 10, 2016 brought violence beyond belief to our county with the murder of Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey and Deputy First Class Mark Logsdon. In the dark days that followed, the county’s love and generosity never shined so bright. Now one year later, we will come together again to honor Pat and Mark, who gave their lives protecting the lives of others.”


County employees in Bel Air will assemble just before noon on Friday outside the administrative office building located at 220 S. Main Street. At noon all citizens are asked to remain silent as the county’s emergency sirens blast three times in succession for approximately one minute.


“Wherever they may be at noon on Friday, I encourage all citizens to join me by pausing to reflect on the sacrifice made by Pat and Mark,” said County Executive Glassman. “In gratitude for their courage and dedication to duty, let us also rededicate ourselves to caring for their families and for one another. In this way, our triumph as a county over this experience can resonate in the hearts of other communities and give hope and courage to show that it is possible to come together in any season.”

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