Coming In


At the pond by the industrial park there are always Canada geese swimming around. At any one time you can count at least thirty to fifty geese. Thus day was very active. Geese were flying in and geese were flying out.

The funny thing about this activity is, that the geese seems to be careless about where they were landing. This one goose seems to be saying, “Watch out, I’m coming in.” And coming in he did right on top of this group.

Do you know people like that? Whenever they enter a room, they seems to be saying, “Watch out, I’m coming in.” Than the next thing you know, they disrupt everything around them.

I find out that it is best to give them room. In time, things will settle down and you can get back to business.

People come into you life everyday and they leave everyday. This is a fact of life. The trick to enduring the activity is to take it one day at a time, move over to give them room and enjoy them.

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