A Library Addition For Movie Lovers




Harford County Public Library Offers Binge


If you are a movie lover, Harford County Public Library has a new offering just for you–binge boxes.

Binge boxes feature six movies in categories such as Disney Classics, detective noir, classic westerns, French cinema, ballet, classic monsters and more. Some of the boxes include Abbott and Costello, Sean Connery as James Bond, Bogart and Bacall, Woody Allen, John Hughes, Samuel L. Jackson, The Beatles, baseball movies, football movies and many more.

Each library will have a variety of binge boxes. One box may be checked out per adult or young adult library card for three weeks, and the boxes may be renewed up to two times if there are no holds on them.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers binge boxes so they can explore their cinematic passions,” said Mary Hastler, CEO of Harford County Public Library. “Launching our binge box collection in the winter is a way to give our customers opportunities to learn and grow during a time when most folks are indoors.”

Harford County Public Library operates 11 branches located throughout Harford County. The library serves more than 185,000 registered borrowers of all ages and has an annual circulation of more than 3.8 million. Harford County Public Library is committed to connecting people with information and promoting the love of reading in the community. For more information, visit hcplonline.org.

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